About us

HPC Park is a high-performance computing provider.

The major line of activity of the company is construction of high-performance corporate infrastructures, as well as providing them on the model as a service. Our mission is to provide an IT infrastructure comparable to a supercomputer to enable science, business and manufacturing to use the full potential of AI.

Main activities

Lease of physical and virtual high-performance accelerated servers

Rent physical and virtual high-performance servers with accelerators and solve any problems in AI and simulation! We can suggest both fixed-configured servers and the ability to assemble a random server configuration which will suit your individual business needs.

Full-cycled system integration of high-performance clusters and supercomputers

We ensure a new level of productivity for your business. We provide a full range of system integration services for supercomputer clusters. We guarantee efficiency at every stage of the cycle – you’ll get a ready-made reliable IT-solution.

Provision of AI-based software and hardware applications

We offer complex solutions optimized for your specific business tasks in the field of artificial intelligences and machine/deep learning.

Sale of server and network equipment, its installation and commissioning

We can help you to select optimal hardware from the world’s leading manufacturers, also we supervise the delivery, install and launch server and network equipment, as well as we carry out service maintenance.

Building of corporate IT-infrastructures

A well-organized office is a guarantee of success and an opportunity for your business to be ready for any situation. We offer all necessary technical means for convenient and safe remote operation process - from tools for efficient management process to cloud tools and whole virtual complexes for the smooth functioning of organizations.

Consulting, sequencing of solutions and help with a proof of concept

We consult and provide highly qualified technical support for 24/7. We design the whole architecture, we plan all in details and take care both the hardware and selection of the equipment with suitable configuration, we help with the proof of the concept - our technical specialists analyze the code to be executed, test critically important functions.

Core values

The NVIDIA A100 graphics accelerator provides a throughput of 1.5 terabytes per second due to tensor cores. The new NVIDIA Ampere architecture combines data analysis, training and data into a unified and easy-to-deploy AI infrastructure.

The NVIDIA A30 graphics accelerator provides a safe acceleration for various workloads, including AI infinites and High Performance Computing (HPC) applications.

NVIDIA T4 GPU is based on the new NVIDIA Turing architecture and is enclosed in a compact form-factor PCIe with energy consumption of 70 W. The graphics accelerator is optimized for basic computing environments and is equipped with Turing tensor cores and new RT cores. T4 provides revolutionary scalable performance as it combined with containerized software.

An individual approach to the client’s task allows us to develop solutions that best meet the needs of the customer. We strive to build long-term mutually beneficial relationships with our customers and we value our reputation, therefore it is essential for us to offer equipment and systems, which will work properly throughout their entire service life.

Our highly qualified engineers and system administrators of supercomputers and communication networks provide technical support worldwide in 24/7 mode. You can reach them out in any suitable for you way:

Via feedback form through the website.

By e-mail.

By phone (weekdays since 10:00 till 19:00).

We ensure the physical safety and information security of infrastructure’s access channels and network accessibility. Our activities are carried out in compliance with the requirements of Russian legislation (152-FZ).
We cooperate closely with the world’s leading providers of information solutions, such as: Hewlett Packard Enterprise, Allied Telesis, Lenovo, Arista, Huawei, Hitachi. This allows us to use different models of software and hardware procurement, with more flexible pricing policies. For example, we can offer client the possibility to pay the rental of expensive software as it is used. Established relations with suppliers and producers contribute to the upgrading of qualification of technical and commercial personnel of our company, better knowledge of the manufacturers' road map and choice of the most promising solution. Conducting joint marketing campaigns allows to improve our service and get mutual exchange of experience, transmitting all the assets received in this way to the client, offering the best prices, high competence and level of service.



Individual approach

Support 24/7



Designing and constructing of HPC clusters

Digital transformation is the main factor of growth and business development, but like any innovative project, such a modification involves risks and requires a careful approach. We provide a full cycle of services - from free consultation at the moment of infrastructure planning, to post-guarantee services after its implementation.

Rental of GPU Accelerated containers

Rent a virtual container based on powerful GPU graphics accelerators. We have ready-made platforms for simple and resource-intensive tasks. You can also assemble an individual container to suit your needs. The price is formed after defining the configuration and computing resource requirements.

Rental of dedicated GPU Accelerated servers

Rent a physical server with NVIDIA A100 graphics accelerator. You can modify it to suit your needs.


We’re consulting for free, also we help you during the design phase, we provide technical and customer support 24/7 and outsourcing services.

Special offer

One-week trial

Ready-made infrastructure for AI & HPC. Choose a GPU accelerated server with NVIDIA A100 and test your pilot project for free!

Balanced configuration server platform HPE XL675d Gen10+

  • Graphics accelerator: 1х NVIDIA A100 PCIe
  • Processor: 2x AMD EPYC 7452 (32 cores; 2,35 GHz)
  • RAM: 512GB
  • Storage: 2x SSD 480 GB
  • IP-address: IPv4


Check out our success stories. You'll get acquainted with the examples from different types of industries, which have the same result - a satisfied client with solved business-task. We are ready to justify your confidence and we are seeking for new challenges, you’ll give us tasks, we’ll give you their solution and implementation.


HPC Park is the current partner of the world's leading manufacturers.

Our partners are reliable suppliers of information solutions. We are always glad to cooperate and invite you to join the community of technical specialists, who are focused on a progress and development.

Request for free

Get started your work with the cutting-edge

graphics accelerator NVIDIA A100

Would you like to test our computing resources for free?

We are always glad to support an interesting project. Tell us about your task, contact us by email testdrive@hpc-park.ru.

Or call us: +7 (495) 132-73-84.

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

We provide resources for free testing on a case-by-case basis, it is 1 week of free testing in the baseline scenario, but we are always ready to meet the client and support the interesting project. Contact us, tell us more about your business tasks and we will agree on all aspects and determine the time of free usage. Our major aspiration is that you’ll get the result for your project. If the result satisfies your needs, then we will gladly cooperate with you and will propose exclusive special offers and discounts programmes.

Only legal entities that have completed the application form and are signed up the Personal Account may request free testing period. The amount of resources is limited, so we’ll be taking the final decision about who can use our graphics accelerators for free.

You can participate in the promotional event only once. The testing period is free of charge for all legal entities that submitted an application and got confirmation. If you select the service again, you’ll receive an individual offer from us specifically for your business task.

All restrictions associated with the use of high-performance resources are displayed in the Appendix to the Agreement on the provision of services. Before providing the service, the Customer will be familiarized with the terms of service and the restrictions on the use of services.

Yes, there are. In addition to NVIDIA A100 GPUs, we can offer GPU NVIDIA A30, V100, T4, P40 for our customers.

Yes, it's possible. After authorization in the Personal Account, you can choose the configuration you want. Our technical specialists can give you a consultation, help you to choose the right configuration, taking into account your requirements for computing resources. The configuration of the server which is available for free testing cannot be changed.

The servers are located on the territory of the Russian Federation in the city of Moscow (compliance with the legislation of the Russian Federation (152-FZ)).

Unfortunately we are currently not. At the moment we are working only with legal entities.