We provide technical, operational and professional services, paying attention to the business objectives of the customer. The entire equipment delivery and IT-solutions design cycle will be aligned with the company’s business strategies, which will allow for the implementation of the information systems application, the automation of business processes and the enhancement of overall company performance.

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High-performance clusters designing

Cluster design is a crucial stage. At the start of any project, every detail is of great importance, so we will take care of all the aspects from the very beginning. Based on technical requirements and taking into account additional constraints (project budget, etc.), we will calculate and select the parameters of the hardware part of the cluster.


Proof of concept and sequencing of solutions

Before you invest in a new idea, technology, or method, you need to confirm that it will work. We offer verification at the pre-production stage, our specialists conduct in-depth analysis, test critical functions.


Building and launching

We will help to select the hardware part of the cluster and supervise the delivery of equipment from the world’s leading manufacturers. We will install and run the server and network equipment, as well as perform hardware service. We will make sure that the system is perfectly prepared before it is put into operation. Our technicians make multi-stage testing of components, which allows to identify in time defective components and guarantee reliability of our products.


Technical support

Our technical specialists are always ready to advise, help your system administrators in solving technical problems and optimally configure all tools.


Post-guarantee service

For the whole list of supplied equipment, we provide guarantee for 36 months. There is a program to quickly replace worn-out components for servers, supercomputers and graphics stations.

High-performance computing hardware

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Network equipment and networking
For working with information systems, it is necessary to link workplaces into a network structure and equip them with the required software. Components from large vendors such as Arista and Allied Telesis allow you to solve a variety of industrial problems - from creating small office LANs to corporate networks with campus branch LANs connected by high-performance secure communications.
IT infrastructure management systems and software
The main task of control systems is to help in carrying out computational operations. For these purposes server rooms are created where the equipment is located. Servers are mounted in special racks and begin to perform their computing work.
Remote access tools
Remote access to working computers and server equipment allows you to quickly solve emerging problems, to prevent global failures, to manage processes and make the necessary adjustments.
Components for PCs and servers
The possibility of upgrading or repairing existing equipment depends on the availability of the required components. A large selection of server processors, as well as other components, will allow you to repair workstations of any complexity and other IT infrastructure systems.
Data storage and backup systems
Storage systems are an indispensable element of the IT infrastructure of any enterprise. We supply storage systems from well-known manufacturers, such as HPE, Arista, Huawei, Hitachi, Lenovo and others.
Uninterruptible Power Systems
Without a reliable power supply, uninterrupted operation of data centers, storage systems and other components of the IT infrastructure is impossible. Uninterruptible power supplies (UPS) of various capacities are designed for installation in server banks (racks), can (depending on the version) be used to connect computers or other equipment.
Control and security equipment
Video surveillance systems are a popular solution for organizing security systems. An equipment is reliable and easy to operate.
Workstations, Thin Clients, Laptops, Business PCs
During operation, thin client devices interact with applications deployed on the server through terminal emulation software that displays information transmitted by the server.
Servers and computing systems
Server equipment includes servers from top vendors, leading the server solutions market. All servers are characterized by high-performance and reliability. Server equipment provides an opportunity to accelerate and optimize business processes, create data centers, offices or industrial data warehouses. The offered servers are targeted at a wide range of enterprises of various sizes and profiles.

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Our partners are reliable suppliers of information solutions. We are always glad to cooperate and invite you to join the community of technical specialists, who are focused on a progress and development.

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

Please submit a request for the specific equipment model and quantity you need. More information can be added in the comments. We will contact you and advise you on any questions you may have.

Surely, we can. You have to sign up in the Personal Account. Then you will be contacted by our qualified presale specialist who will advise you on your questions.

Yes, absolutely you will. Since we work directly with global vendors of server and telecommunication solutions, we can provide you with everything you need for your projects asap.

We are engaged in the construction of a modern IT infrastructure: from a data center with supercomputer capacities to office-level infrastructure.

Yes, there are. In addition to NVIDIA A100 GPUs, we can offer GPU NVIDIA A30, V100, T4, P40 for our customers.

Yes, it's possible. After authorization in the Personal Account, you can choose the configuration you want. Our technical specialists can give you a consultation, help you to choose the right configuration, taking into account your requirements for computing resources. The configuration of the server which is available for free testing cannot be changed.

The servers are located on the territory of the Russian Federation in the city of Moscow (compliance with the legislation of the Russian Federation (152-FZ)).

Unfortunately we are currently not. At the moment we are working only with legal entities.