HPC Park Cloud Service

For different needs of your business

HPC Park’s Cloud Service is a high performance, stable, reliable and scalable IaaS service. HPC Park’s Cloud Service eliminates the need to invest in IT equipment and allows you to quickly scale compute resources on demand, being more convenient and efficient than physical servers. HPC Park’s Cloud Service provides a variety of HPC, Object Storage, Docker Container Services to meet different business needs and drive business growth, scientific and technological challenges.

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  • Ready-made infrastructure for working on ML, Data Science through JupyterLab and by SSH
  • Containers are provided with a ready-made software environment: PyTorch, TensorFlow, CUDA
  • Cloud Object Storage S3
  • Connection of the network storage and switching it between the containers
  • Dedicated team for project assistance
  • Flexible plans: per-minute billing and monthly subscription
  • Automated management with API

Select configuration for needs of your business

Virtual containers configuration for rent

${ selectedTariff.descr }
${form.nv_a100_mig} un.
1/7 of a100 (MIG)
${ params['nv_a100_mig'].min } un.
${ params['nv_a100_mig'].max } un.
${Math.floor(form.nv_a100_mig / 7)} un.
entire NVIDIA TESLA A100


${ formatPrice(dboard.total, 0) } ₽ / per ${ selectedTariff['totalScaleText'] }

the price is indicated including VAT
Container with 1/7 of A100 (MIG) х${form.nv_a100_mig} un.

${ formatPrice(dboard.per_moment.gpu) } ₽ / ${ selectedTariff['momentScaleText'] }

${ formatPrice(dboard.gpu) } ₽ / ${ dboard.month_days } days

Container with one NVIDIA Tesla A100 accelerator х${Math.floor(form.nv_a100_mig / 7)} un.

${ formatPrice(dboard.per_moment.gpu) } ₽ / ${ selectedTariff['momentScaleText'] }

${ formatPrice(dboard.gpu) } ₽ / ${ dboard.month_days } days

Container without GPU x${form.nogpu} un.

${ formatPrice(dboard.per_moment.nogpu) } ₽ / ${ selectedTariff['momentScaleText'] }

${ formatPrice(dboard.nogpu) } ₽ / ${ dboard.month_days } days

Storage size ${form.storage} GB

${ formatPrice(dboard.per_moment.storage) } ₽ / ${ selectedTariff['momentScaleText'] }

${ formatPrice(dboard.storage) } ₽ / ${ dboard.month_days } days

Cloud Object Storage S3

is an effective tool to store data flexibly

Graphics accelerator
for different needs of your business
It is designed to accelerate various tasks in the cloud, including high-perfomance computing, training and inference of deep learning algorithms, machine learning, data analysis, and plotting.
videocard NVIDIA TESLA A100
Multi-Instance GPU (MIG) feature allows GPU A100 to split up to seven GPU instances to solve different tasks simultaneously on one accelerator.
CUDA cores double the number of single-precision floating point operations (FP32).
40 GB of HBM2 high speed memory with the best in its class bandwidth of 1555 GB / sec.
Grant for the platform HPC Park Cloud Service Free one-month trial period Get a Grant of 30,000 rubles and try out the HPC Park Cloud Service platform's features without paying for the resources consumed.
Within the trial period you will have access to:
V Containers with 1/7 of A100 (MIG) up to 28 units.
V Containers with entire Nvidia A100 up to 4 units.
V Containers without GPU up to 4 units.
V Storage size up to 2000 Gb.

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Example: we are a startup developing AI technologies for medical institutions. One of the tasks for Data Science is training the neural network using graphical accelerators. Consider 2 physical gpu cards for the project.

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Почему стоит выбрать HPC Park Cloud Service?


Virtual servers are provided based on CPU and GPU. You can customize and change the configuration of the virtual server to suit your needs.


You can increase or decrease resources depending on the actual needs of your business at a transparent and understandable price.


It's provided a lot of security solutions such as virtual firewalls, role-based permission control, internal network isolation, virus protection, and traffic throttling.


Services can be delivered within minutes, enabling rapid deployment and faster time-to-market.


You can use high-performance resources in data centers and servers in the Russian Federation.


You can use HPC Park's Cloud Service to access other cloud services.


You don't need to purchase hardware or build data centers.


A standardized API is provided to improve ease of use and applicability.


Compliance with Russian legislation (152-FZ).



Our partners are reliable suppliers of information solutions. We are always glad to cooperate and invite you to join the community of technical specialists, who are focused on a progress and development.

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

Given your computing requirements for a particular business task, you can increase or decrease resources. See the Guides for details.

You can create, delete and manage containers both through the web interface of the User’s Personal Account and automatically using the HPC Park Client API. Detailed instructions for working with the Account and HPC Park Client API here.

Two plans are available.

  • The cost is calculated on the basis of the amount of resources consumed and the time of consumption at a minute-by-minute rate. Storage is charged separately according to the plan conditions, even when the container is stopped.
  • When you buy a month subscription, you pay the full fixed price for the parameters selected in the configurator within this plan with its limits. Services are terminated only at the beginning of the new settlement period (unless auto-prolongation is enabled). No refund for unused resources.

We provide the possibility of obtaining not only a full-fledged NVIDIA Tesla A100 accelerator, but also its virtualized part, allowing to obtain a corporate-class accelerator for less demanding tasks, or the most complete utilization of computing tasks.

You can get either a pre-installed environment (Pytorch, TensorFlow) or a minimal software environment to choose from.

Scientific computing, rendering, special industrial applications. Computing related to photo and video processing, face recognition, machine translation and synthesis, predictive analytics.