Artificial intelligence technologies at the service of the educational process

02 / 02 / 2024

Artificial intelligence technologies at the service of the educational process

The International Scientific and Methodological Conference «Foresight of Education: Teacher’s Portrait of Future» was held at the FinU.

During the second day of the conference, Maxim Dudkin, founder of HPC Park, took part in one of the substantive discussions on topical issues of the education system development.

Maksim made a report on the peculiarities of the application of AI technologies in the educational process and listed the pros and cons of the integration of AI into teaching practice. The speaker noted that the introduction of AI was not aimed at substitution but rather at the creation of a supporting tool. The leitmotif of the whole story was the ideas formulated by Benjamin Bloom in his famous article on the «The 2 sigma problem» (first published in 1984 in the journal Educational Researcher), which called in pedagogical research for the search of methods of group learning, as effective as one-to-one tutoring.

AI in education is an effective support tool.

The speaker explained that AI could help make education more adaptive and personalized. It is possible to ensure optimal learning by using learning systems based on machine learning algorithms that are able to analyze and understand each student’s learning style.

Artificial intelligence is also useful in developing educational materials, automating routine work for teachers. Automating routine tasks such as checking of homework and administrative processes allows teachers to focus on the more important aspects of the educational process - inspiring, motivating and developing their students.

Maxim introduced existing AI-based solutions in the international and Russian markets, talked about intelligent and interactive learning systems, automatic assessment of writing, educational virtual and augmented reality, and even about intelligent robots.

Special thanks to our partners - the company «Neiroseti», who participated in the preparation of the report by demonstrating their products on the basis of neural networks and talking about their practical application in the field of education.

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