In 2023, HPC Park celebrated its fourth birthday

22 / 07 / 2023

HPC Park’s birthday party.

HPC Park celebrated its 4th birthday on July 22! Plans were to snatch a piece of this summer, plunging into the countryside away from the dusty city. Of course, there were mandatory summer attributes – juicy roasted meat and frothy beer.

Happy Birthday to HPC Park!

From the very beginning, the company has chosen the format of outdoor activities. Accordingly, sports "activities" were attached to the outdoor banquet in a cozy gazebo. There was a large complex of entertainments for every taste on the territory of the club, where the event was held. It was decided to test colleagues on marksmanship and endurance. The employees willingly shot a rifle on moving targets-plates and after that, quite trained, they continued the topic of shooting in the game "laser tag".

When the noise of gunshots was replaced by the sound of crackling coal in the grill and "clinking" of plastic glasses – came the turn of calmer, but no less exciting entertainment – board games. The corporate party was a huge success! Everyone left well-fed, tired and satisfied.

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