Collaboration with JuniStat

21 / 02 / 2020

Collaboration with JuniStat.

Football is one of the most popular sports. Millions of fans around the world watch the game with bated breath, observing the phenomenal game of their favorite teams and players. Every successful goal is a huge labor, both for the player and for all involved: coaches, scouts, academies, clubs and schools. In addition to talent and abilities, physical training and technical skills are important and need to be continually improved.

Already now AI (artificial intelligence) technology helps to discover young football talents!

Assisted by HPC Park and based on our computing capacities, JuniStat has developed mobile applications that help to conduct a collective assessment of the skills of young football players, determine their potential and receive recommendations for further development.

Regularly passing the testing by smartphone's camera using JuniStat & JuniCoach apps, the footballer forms his digital profile, the coach can objectively identify the player’s strengths and weaknesses, watch and compare his rating in the age group, a scout is able to find the most capable players to meet his requirements. Academies and clubs can both test their own students and use the platform for pre-selection of football players.

An example of a player’s digital profile can be found on the JuniStat company’s website.

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