In 2023, HPC Park joined the National Base of Medical Knowledge

08 / 09 / 2023

HPC Park joined the Association of AI in Medicine – National Base of Medical Knowledge

The company-integrator and provider of high-performance computing – HPC Park became a member of the Association of AI developers and users in medicine "National Base of Medical Knowledge" (NBMZ).

"With the accession to the NBMZ, we expect to start a partnership aimed at bringing together a community of specialists from the Association’s member companies around the task of creating and training AI. We are ready to allocate resources for free testing and grants for interesting tasks for up to several months to reach concrete results together," – commented Andrei Selikhov, sales director of HPC Park.

The partnership between HPC Park and NBMZ opens up new prospects for AI in medicine.

"The entry of HPC Park into the NBMZ Association is very important and timely due to the fact that this company offers an infrastructure of high-performance computing (highly demanded for training AI models) precisely as a service. This is relevant for smaller companies working in the segment of artificial intelligence in medicine, because they simply cannot afford to build their own computing infrastructure. The service model and grants offered by HPC Park for pilot projects will allow developers to be much more flexible and effective in creating effective AI algorithms in healthcare," – chief executive of NBMZ Boris Zingerman told.

Association “National Base of Medical Knowledge” unites Russian developers and users of innovative products in healthcare, medical and educational organizations working in the field of AI-technologies since 2018. The development of a member of the Association – the Webiomed predictive analytics platform – became the first registered medical product based on artificial intelligence in Russia, and today there are more than 20 of them.

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