HPC Park has ranked among the top 50 supercomputers of Russia

29 / 03 / 2022

HPC Park has ranked among the top 50 the most powerful computers of Russia.

On March 29, the announcement of the new thirty-sixth edition of the list of the Top 50 most powerful computers in Russia took place at the International Scientific Conference "Parallel Computational Technologies (PCT) 2022".

The thirty-sixth edition of the Top 50 list showed a significant increase in the performance of Russian supercomputers.

We are proud to announce that HPC Park's ranked in Russia’s Top 50 supercomputers list.
The maximum achieved performance of the HPC Park cluster on the Linpack test (Rmax) is 214.9 TFlop/s. The theoretical peak performance of the system (Rpeak) is 405.47 TFlop/s.

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