HPC Park launched a news Telegram channel

04 / 07 / 2023

HPC Park launched a news Telegram channel.

We are your source of fresh and current news and trends from the world of artificial intelligence (AI), Big Data and machine learning (ML). The channel publishes interesting articles, key events, cutting-edge researches and inspiring success stories in these fields.

The world of artificial intelligence technology is evolving at an incredible rate. Given the amount of material covered daily by specialized and non-core sources, as well as the mass of new services based on neural networks, it was immediately clear that the channel would be systematically replenished with informative, useful and even entertainment content.

Join the @ml_samurai and be at the center of AI and ML events!

Initially the channel was created as a private one — the company employees read posts, discussed, set reactions. Many of them shared links of interesting AI news and events. After a while, it was decided to open a public access so that everyone interested in this topic could learn new things, collected in a single window - on the channel.

It is worth mentioning that when company was choosing the name of the community all employees were involved in the process and there were even several stages of voting. How will the MLsamuraAI eventually play out, you can observe by yourself by subscribing to the channel.

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