HPC Park in collaboration with ironov.ai performed at the TAdviser conference

10 / 10 / 2023

HPC Park in collaboration with ironov.ai from Lebedev’s studio performed at the TAdviser conference

On October 10, 2023, within the TAdviser Artificial Intelligence Day 2023 conference, HPC Park performed in collaboration with ironov.ai from Lebedev’s studio.

As part of the general presentation, Andrey Selikhov, Sales Director of HPC Park, spoke about the experience of training neural networks on the HPC Park Cloud Service platform. The conference participants learned about the platform, scope of its application and its customers, heard about the main advantages of the cloud and also looked from inside on the interface and main features of the platform in live mode.

The experience of neural networks learning in the HPC Park’s Cloud. Interactivity on creating a brand together with ironov.ai of Art. Lebedev studio.

During the live demonstration, Andrey showed some features: how to easily create networks, virtual containers with Nvidia Tesla A100 accelerators or with instances of Nvidia Tesla A100 (MIG) – for less resource-intensive tasks. Viewers saw the opportunities and resources available on the platform.

Then Andrey gave the floor to our colleague Nikita Demenkov, head of the affiliate program of ironov.ai. Nikita told about Nikolay Ironov and conducted an interactivity on the creation of the brand with the help of the designer-neural network – Nikolai Ironov, which is learning on the HPC Park Cloud Service’s platform. The neural network created a synthetic identity in seconds. It was noted how artificial intelligence can help in finding unique visual solutions for a designer’s work. The link of the neural network plus the designer gives the opportunity to save resources and time, which is important for large projects.

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