HPC Park introduced a corporate messenger eXpress

17 / 05 / 2023

HPC Park introduced a corporate messenger eXpress

We chose the eXpress platform for internal communication of company’s employees and then also for external communications. Secure communication and intuitive application interface were a priority.

We were guided by three main requests when we were in the process of choosing a product:
  1. Information security.
  2. Common communication standard instead of whole kaleidoscope of various chat applications.
  3. An application similar to the usual services, which were used by employees.

HPC Park handles trade secrets, so there are a lot of confidential data circulate in the chats ─ technical details of a product, financial figures, internal roadmap, etc. Information is delivered to third-party servers in public messengers, therefore, the question of security is acute.

Corporate messenger eXpress ─ your data is under reliable protection!

Prior to the introduction of the corporate product, we were using Zoom for conference meetings and were communicating via WhatsApp or Telegram chats. We used all the usual messengers for staff-to-staff correspondence ─ it was difficult to track where important documents were going and, again, there was a risk of information leakage.

As a result, we chose a single communication platform and switched to eXpress. It is convenient that all chat rooms are in one place. There are also calls and video conferencing inside the app, as in Zoom. Employees did not have to retrain and read tons of manuals, ─ UX/UI is as close as possible to familiar chat applications.

The key advantages of the eXpress platform, which we highlighted:
  • The application is installed on the company’s own servers ─ HPC Park fully controls the information on them.
  • Messages and media are encrypted so third parties cannot access them from the outside.
  • Centralized management of employee’s accounts, which are created and deleted by the administrator. Any employee of the company can find a co-worker in the application in a couple of clicks and quickly add it to the work chats.
  • Control over the user's access to specific files.
  • The ability to use corporate search. Due to this feature, any information for years of work can be found in work chat rooms, even closed ones.
  • Ban on storing and exporting data to third-party applications.

eXpress helped our company to ensure safe and efficient communication. The platform now faces the challenges of integrating HPC Park’s corporate systems and developing Smart Apps embedded applications to meet the company’s needs.

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